Wyatt Alexander Rosegarde III is the third and youngest child of Wyatt Rosegarde II and Winter Rosegarde. He is also the leader of Team Rosegarde, a squad a part of Ascent.

History Edit

Wyatt was born late 1996 to two Master Assassins. He has an older sister named Willow and an older brother named Walter.

During his infancy, his parents adopted Maya Rodriguez after her family was murdered by the templars. He and Maya would grow up as best friends.

When Daniel Cross betrayed the Assassin Order, Wyatt's parents and siblings set out to help maintain stability. As a result, Wyatt and his adopted sister Maya were set to live with and train under Scott Ingram.

For the next nine years, he and Maya trained with Scott, becoming skilled Assassins. When Ascent expanded, taking in Wyatt's soon-to-be teammates, Maya lost the use of her legs when she saved him from the hands of the Templars.

In 2015, Wyatt leads Ascent's top team, Team Rosegarde, and carries out dangerous missions under Scott's direction. In December, on his birthday, he is tasked with saving Zeke Shields from an Abstergo facility. He has mixed feelings about the newcomer and is wary of what he could hide, being that he has an unknown power and has spent an entire month with Abstergo.

Appearance Edit

Wyatt is a tall young man, standing at 6'4". He has slightly tanned skin and dark blonde hair, borderline brown. His eyes are Heterochromatic. Though they are mostly hazel, they have brown, blue, and green spikes protruding from the pupil.

Personality Edit

Wyatt is a calm, collected, and in-control individual. He is patient and calculating, and always wheres a stoic, unreadable face when he focuses. He has trust issues and will exercise extreme caution with any new face. Under the surface, he is a kind hearted, caring individual who will go through great lengths for those he grows close to.

Skills Edit

As a Master Assassin, Wyatt has a handle on all Assassin skills and training.

On his own, he is a quick study, is proficient in Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling, and Fencing.

Ancestry Edit

Wyatt is directly related to British Assassin, Jacob Frye. He also has ancestry from Spain, Greece, and Italy.

Equipment Edit

Wyatt uses a short katana which he sheathes on his back, throwing knives, smoke bombs, and his dual Hidden Blades.