Scott Ingram is a Master Assassin and is the leader of the Assassin cell, Ascent.

History Edit

Scott was born in Denver, Colorado to Assassin parents who hid their lives from their son. He grew up normally until halfway through his adolescence.

When he was 17, he met a girl at his job as a busboy and, over a period of months, fell in love. Before his 18th birthday, Scott was kidnapped by Abstergo and subjected to living the memories of his ancestors.

After three months of captivity, Scott managed to break out of the Abstergo facility and escape completely with the help of the Assassin Brotherhood.

His parents and the rest of the Brotherhood put him through proper training for about a year. At 19, during one of his missions, he encountered the girl he fell in love with. She had been a Templar all along and, to follow through with his mission, Scott reluctantly assassinated her.

At age 22, Scott became a Master Assassin around the time Daniel Cross betrayed the Order. With the Brotherhood in disarray, the Rosegardes, a powerful Assassin family with ties to Scott's, tasked the man with raising Wyatt and his adopted sister, Maya.

He did so over the next few years. On the side, he worked as a High School Biology Teacher and Martial Arts/Parkour Instructor in the State of Connecticut.

In 2015, Scott continues to operate Ascent, assigning its numerous teams missions; occasionally, he will accompany if the need is great enough.

Personality Edit

Scott is often described as a Father figure; one who is versatile enough to be gentle or hard-nosed depending on the situation at hand. He's typically a calm, patient, and collected individual, who keeps his judgements clear of his emotions.

However, that is not to say that he is completely disconnected from them. He cares about each of his students dearly, Assassin and non-Assassin alike, and will go to great lengths to ensure their safety above his own.

Skills Edit

As a Master Assassin, Scott has become proficient in all basic Assassin Skills.

His most notable strengths are his Hand-to-Hand Combat and Sword training.

Ancestry Edit

Scott has ancestors that date back to Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and Romania.

Equipment Edit

Scott tends to favor his white-colored Assassin Hood over others. When going on missions, he typically brings his dual Hidden Blades, a katana, smoke bombs, and throwing knives.