Quinn Clearwater is a Master Assassin. He is a member of Team Rosegarde, a squad within Ascent.

History Edit

Quinn was born to Ellis and Jenny Clearwater, two Assassins from the Canadian Brotherhood. He was trained from age two by both his parents.

At age thirteen, the Canadian Brotherhood was falling apart. Quinn's parents sent him to NYC to train under Scott Ingram while they helped rebuild it.

Now, in 2015, Quinn is a part of Team Rosegarde in Ascent and goes on advanced mission under Scott's direction. In December, he and his team was tasked with rescuing Zeke Shields from Abstergo.

He accepts Zeke into the fold when the newcomer completes a simulation no one had ever beaten before.

Appearance Edit

Quinn is a fair skinned young man with chestnut brown hair and dark green eyes. He has a medium build and is the tallest of Team Rosegarde.

Personality Edit

Quinn is soft spoken and stoic. He has a calm air about him and doesn't show his emotions as much as others. However, he does have a soft, sensitive side for those he cares about.

Skills Edit

As a Master Assassin, Quinn has a handle on all Assassin skills.

He is proficient in Krav Maga and Swimming. He is also the fastest runner in Ascent, which earned him his Alias, "Flash."

Ancestry Edit

Quinn has ancestry daring back to France. He is directly descended from Arno Dorian.

Equipment Edit

Quinn uses a yellow hoodie on missions. Quinn has smoke bombs, cherry bombs, ninja stars, a Rapier, and unlike the rest of his cell, he has Dual Phantom Blades.