Kai Kealoha is a Master Assassin within the Assassin Brotherhood. He is a part of Ascent and is on Team Rosegarde.

History Edit

Kai was brought up in Hawaii and trained under his Grandfather, as his parents went missing when he was young.

After learning the ways of the Order for nearly 14 years, Kai's Grandfather sent him to New York City to train under Scott Ingram. He eventually became a Master Assassin after Maya lost the use of her legs.

In 2015, Kai is a part of Team Rosegarde and carries out missions for Scott. He and his team was tasked with rescuing Zeke Shields from Abstergo.

Like Sam, Kai took the newcomer in with open arms and becomes one of Zeke's closest friends within the Cell.

Appearance Edit

Kai is a sturdy, built young man with caramel tan skin, dark eyes, and short, neat hair. He has seafoam green eyes.

Personality Edit

Kai is described as a wildcard. Under the tutelage of his Grandfather, the boy would often times disobey his Master's orders. Though he does take serious matters to heart, he uses his happier demeanor to mask it all.

Skills Edit

Kai is proficient in using ancient Hawaiian Martial Arts, only learned by Hawaiian Warriors.

He uses a special weapon, he calls the Saw-Axe. It is a wooden axe with sharp teeth on the blade edges.

As a Master Assassin, Kai is proficient in Assassin skills, training, and stealth.

Ancestry Edit

Kai's ancestry dates back to Ancient Hawaii, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China.

Equipment Edit

Kai tends to use a dark green hoodie to hide his face. Besides his Saw-Axe, he uses throwing knives, smoke bombs, and his Dual Hidden Blades.