Ezekiel "Preston" Shields is a descendant from a long and diverse line of Assassins.

Appearance Edit

Preston is an averaged height male with caramel brown skin and dark hair. He has an athletic build with toned, lean muscles.

He usually wears dark blue and black clothing with jeans and Parkour shoes.

Personality Edit

Preston is a quick-witted individual who always tries to make sense of the situation. He's a wallflower, as he likes to observe others on a deeper level. However, this does lead to awkward situations for him.

He's fiercely protective of those he cares about and can easily warm up to new people if he clicks with them enough.

History Edit

Preston was born to Eldris and Malina Shields, both Master Assassins. He has an older twin brother named Luther "Luke" who disappeared when they were young, and a younger sister named Terra.

After his brother disappeared, his father vanished a few years later.

Preston attends the University of Connecticut. It is revealed that from ages 15-16, Preston was held captive by Abstergo and subjected to a year's worth of Animus Research. He was liberated by his Mother, who used a Piece of Eden to erase his memory of the experience, and replacing that year's worth of time with false memories.

Skills Edit

Preston is a Freerunner and a Martial Artist, having been trained by his Sensei, Scott Ingram.

Despite his athleticism, he was ill-prepared for Assassin training and had to push himself to adapt to the overwhelming demands.

He's a quick study and very analytical, as he is able to read the situation and react accordingly.

Ancestry Edit

Preston has Assassin ancestry dating back to Ancient Nigeria, Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Philippines, Spain, China, Japan, Italy, and Colonial America.

Preston's Ability Edit

His Eagle Vision has grown into Eagle Sense. Preston has the ability to sense the emotions of others. Different emotions manifest as wispy energy of different colors emanating from one's aura. Not only that, he can also speed down his perception of time so, to him, the whole world is moving in slow motion. However, he cannot maintain this for long.