Edward "Teddy" Cormac is the son of Templar/Abstergo Scientist Ivan Cormac and is descended from Assassin-turned-Templar, Shay Cormac.

Appearance Edit

Teddy is a rather tall young man with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. He's lean and built but has a soft, boyish face.

Personality Edit

Teddy is the polar opposite of his Father, who is one to push hard and forcefully for results. Teddy finds that the most effective way to reach an end result is to gain and earn the trust of others. Despite being a Templar Researcher under his Father's direct control, he genuinely cares about the patients that come into his field of work.

History Edit

Teddy was born to Ivan Cormac and Millicent Rhodes. Millicent was mysteriously killed when Teddy was five. He grew up being told that it was the Assassins who killed her, but he never truly believed that.

He was highly educated, going to the best private schools, earning a college degree earlier than most. He helps Abstergo use the Animus to pull memories from Assassins. His father, to better prepare his son against the enemy, had him relive the genetic memories of his ancestor, Shay Cormac, to utilize the Bleeding Effect and become skilled at all Assassin techniques. However, this experience only further alienated Teddy, as he feels that there's something off with the Order he belongs to.

In October of 2016, Teddy meets Zeke, an inactive Assassin who holds important key memories.

Skills Edit

As someone who has gone through the Animus completely, Teddy is skilled at all Assassin techniques. This includes stealth, freerunning, weapon use, and even his ancestor's Eagle Vision.

He is also exceptionally bright, as he gained a college degree in neuroscience three years before those in his normal age group.

Ancestry Edit

Teddy has ancestry from across Europe. His most notable ancestor is Shay Cormac, who defected from the Assassin Order to join the Templars. It is Shay's actions that further pushed Teddy away from the Templar Order.