Christina Gray is a Master Assassin. She is a part of the Ascent Cell and is on Team Rosegarde.

History Edit

Christina and her Twin Sister Lucy were born to Assassin parentage. The Templars forced their family to separate. Lucy was taken by their Father while Christina was trained by their Mother.

After 14 years of training, Christina's Mother sent her to New York City to train under Scott.

She was present when Maya lost the use of her legs. Shortly after this, Christina became a Master.

In 2015, she is a part of Team Rosegarde and carries out missions for Scott. She and her teammates were sent out to rescue Zeke Shields from Abstergo.

She is indifferent towards Zeke at first, but shows him visible acceptance and approval when the boy completes a training exercise no one in the Cell had ever beaten.

Appearance Edit

Christina is around 5'6 with long brown hair. She has deep blue eyes and peach skin.

Personality Edit

Christina is sarcastic, confident, and calm under pressure. She is charismatic and gives off an air of being in charge.

Skills Edit

As a Master Assassin, Christina has gained a proper handle on all Assassin Skills.

As she grew up, she studied acting and, as such, is able to lie easily and tell when someone is lying to her.

Ancestry Edit

Christina has ancestry traced back to Italy and Russia.

Equipment Edit

Christina uses a violet hoodie. She also uses a foldable Compound Bow which she sheathes on her lower back. She also uses throwing knives, daggers, and her Dual Hidden Blades.