Assassin's Creed: Cheshire Chronicles is an ongoing Fanfiction story written by TracingSkylines. It was published on 11/2/16. It was revamped 2/11/17.

Synopsis Edit

"My name is Ezekiel Shields. I was just a normal kid once. Now, I know I am much more. This is my story on how I became an Assassin."

Ezekiel Shields is an average guy. He's a Traceur, Martial Artist, and a College Student.

One day, he is kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and is subject to relive the memories of his diverse pool of Ancestors.

He is liberated after a month by a group of Assassins stationed in NYC. His experience with the Templars activated something within him; something that both sides consider to be the key to turning the tide of the war.

This is his origin story; the beginning of his journey to becoming a true Assassin.

Major Characters Edit

- Ezekiel Shields, Main Protagonist

- Wyatt Rosegarde, Master Assassin

- Asami Tachikawa, Master Assassin

- Christina Gray, Master Assassin

- Quinn Clearwater, Master Assassin

- Kai Kealoha, Master Assassin

- Scott Ingram, Master Assassin, Mentor of his Assassin Cell

Minor/Recurring Characters Edit

- Edward Cormac, Templar/Abstergo Agent