Assassin's Creed: Cheshire Chronicles is an ongoing Fanfiction story written by MightyMilo. It was published on 11/2/16. It was revamped in 2018.

Synopsis Edit

"My name is Preston Shields. I was just a normal kid once. Now, I know I am much more. This is my story on how I became an Assassin."

Preston Shields is an average guy. He's a Traceur, Martial Artist, and a College Student.

When a series of dreams leads him to a Museum, Preston stumbles into a battle between a cell of Assassins and a group of Templars.

Recalling bits and pieces of forgotten memories, Preston finds out how deep he is in this secret war.

With his whole world changed forever, which side will he choose?

Major Characters Edit

- Ezekiel Shields, Main Protagonist

- Wyatt Rosegarde, Master Assassin

- Asami Tachikawa, Master Assassin

- Christina Gray, Master Assassin

- Quinn Clearwater, Master Assassin

- Kai Kealoha, Master Assassin

- Scott Ingram, Master Assassin, Mentor of his Assassin Cell

Minor/Recurring Characters Edit

- Edward Cormac, Templar/Abstergo Agent