Ascent is an Assassin cell/guild located in New York City, New York. It is led by Master Assassin Scott Ingram.

History Edit

Ascent was founded by Scott Ingram in the wake of Daniel Cross's betrayal. A newly appointed Master, Scott was tasked with raising Wyatt Rosegarde and Maya Rodriguez. As a result, the two became his first students.

For the next nine years, Ascent only had Wyatt and Maya as students until 2010, when Asami Tachikawa, Jasper Stones, Quinn Clearwater, Christina Gray, and Kai Kealoha were recruited.

Shortly after this expansion, Maya lost the use of her legs saving Wyatt in an incident.

Over the next year, Ascent expanded to a much higher number. Notable recruitments include Lucy Gray, Christina's fraternal twin sister, Michael Winslow, Elie Lee, Piotr Petrov, and Nathanial Roderick.

In 2015, Ascent numbered at a little more than 100 active Assassin members. The top two teams are Team Rosegarde and Team Gray, led by Wyatt and Lucy respectively.

Known Members Edit

Scott Ingram - Founder and Master

Wyatt Rosegarde

Asami Tachikawa

Kai Kealoha

Christina Gray

Quinn Clearwater