Asami "Sam" Tachikawa is a Master Assassin in the Ascent Cell of the Order. She is also a member of Team Rosegarde.

History Edit

Asami was born to Japanese and Korean parentage. Her mother, Nami was a well-known Assassin operating out of Tokyo while her father, Ken, was a Master Assassin from Seoul. She and her parents moved to the US when she was very young.

For most of her life, she trained under her parents in Cleveland, Ohio. When her parents were called away overseas, they sent her to New York City to be a part of Ascent.

She was present when Maya lost the use her legs.

Alongside the other newcomers, she trained under Scott, eventually reaching the rank of Master.

In 2015, she is a solid part of Team Rosegarde and carries out missions for Scott. In December, she was tasked with rescuing Zeke Shields from Abstergo. She is the first person to take him in with a friendly disposition and, as a result, becomes one of his closest friends quickly.

Appearance Edit

Sam is a petite girl with long, black hair and dark eyes. She has sun-kissed skin and a beautifully sculpted face.

Personality Edit

Sam is a warm spirit, often taking in newcomers with open arms. She's supportive and friendly, as she was the one who desired to guide Zeke through his initial training at Ascent. Despite this, in the heat of battle, she is known to be an aggressive, powerful fighter.

Skills Edit

As a Master Assassin, Sam has a handle on all Assassin skills and training.

On her own, she is a master Swordsmen and is the most stealthy Assassin in Ascent.

Ancestry Edit

Asami has ancestry dating back to Feudal Japan. Her most notable Japanese Ancestor is Hattori Hanzo. She also has Ancestors from Korea.

Equipment Edit

Besides her Dual Hidden Blades, she uses a short katana that she sheathes on her lower back. She also uses shuriken, kunai, caltrop spikes, and needles.